Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0170

In Lists with a tree view (e.g. Structure Editor) levels can be folded/unfolded with a mouse click (RP-5420)

This practical new feature enables the user to fold/unfold levels in a list more quickly and precisely using the keyboard and the mouse:

  • Ctrl + left-click: folds/unfolds entire level
  • Ctrl + Shift + left-click: folds/unfolds the element plus its neighbours


Import | Import characteristics: new option to merge system elements upon import (RP-5477)

 When importing data from an Excel file, it is now possible to merge elements with the same name. 


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 Input Collector: new icon to open and close the Taskpane (RP-4801)

The toolbar of the Input collector now contains an icon which enables the user to display/close the suggestion list taskpane.


Summary Functions and Placeholder: two new placeholders “MAXDATE” and “MAXRPN” (RP-4914)

Maintenance customers only:

1. MAXRPN: determines the maximum RPN from the last completed revision state (highest risk)

2. MAXDATE: determines the deadline furthest in the future from the last rated revision state (i.e. when the project is expected to be completed).

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